About Me

H! I am Florian Scherf from Hildesheim in Germany. I was born in 94 and I work as a full stack web developer since 2013.

I do most of my work in Python, TypeScript, and JavaScript, and I have some experience with C, C++, PHP, and Rust. I have much experience with unit and end-to-end testing using browser tests, CI and CD.

In my career, I created and maintained multiple web-based services, like accounting solutions, web shops, or a web-based interface for a company wide phone-system.
I also maintained multiple open-source projects like Flamingo.
I implemented multiple copyright web designs, collaborating with one or multiple designers, at this point, using technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Sass.
At all companies I worked at, I created internal tooling and libraries, and tried to push my open-source-shaped mindset of sharing code and working together.

In my spare time, I created Lona, a web framework for responsive web apps that are written in pure Python, and rlpython a simple and easy-to-use Python REPL that can run over Network.
Currently, I am working on LimePress, which renders this very homepage, and is planned as the new documentation framework for https://lona-web.org.

I am very passionate about open-source, web, and good tooling. I would describe myself as a platform developer since most of my projects are frameworks meant to enable others to create useful tools.


2011 - 2013
IT Specialist/Systems Integration training at BBSme Hanover, Germany

Professional Appointments

July 2023 - present
Senior Django/Python Developer at Divio AG in Zurich, Switzerland

Feb. 2022 - June 2023
Full stack Web developer at Wertgarantie Group in Hannover, Germany

Sept. 2013 - January 2022
Full stack Web developer at Pengutronix e.K. in Hildesheim, Germany


Lona, 2019 - present
A responsive full stack Web framework written in pure Python

rlpython, 2020 - present
An interactive Python REPL that can run over network

LimePress, 2022 - present
A Flamingo inspired static site generator written in pure Python

Flamingo, 2017 - 2022
A Pelican inspired static site generator written in pure Python

aiohttp-json-rpc, 2015 - 2021
A JSON RPC 2.0 implementation based on aiohttp

Full list


Froscon 2023
Introduction to Lona (german)
Media CCC

CLT 2023
Modern web development with Python and Lona (german)
Media CCC

Froscon 2019
Build your own phone-system with Asterisk and Django (german)
Media CCC


Programming Languages
Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, C, Rust, PHP, HTML, CSS

Lona, Django, SQLAlchemy, aiohttp, asyncio, Flask, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ractive, Laravel

Postgres, MySQL, Sqlite3

git, GitHub, Gitlab, Linux, Vim, Make, VSCode, iPython, rlpython, pdb, gdb, Docker